Serving Families With Cremation Needs For Over Two Decades

It Starts with the Phone

No matter how prepared you are, the death of a loved one is shocking, deeply saddening, and even immobilizing.  And yet, there are many things that have to get done and decisions that have to be made.

Legacy is here to help you every step of the way – with selecting the right set of options to honor your loved one, legal matters, military benefits, Social Security benefits, and even how to handle grief, obituaries and a eulogy; but there are additional calls to consider right now, depending on the circumstances:

  • Talk to the care facility: If your loved one passed away in a hospital or other care facility, the staff may help with some of the arrangements. It’s a good idea to talk with them.
  • Family and friends: Family and friends need to be informed. Don’t be afraid to ask those with whom you are closest to handle some of these calls, so that the burden of contacting everyone is not entirely on you. If you are alone, don’t hesitate to ask someone to keep you company at this difficult time.
  • Employer: If relevant, an employer needs to be informed. Don’t forget to inquire about the following:
    • Pay that may be due, including vacation and sick time, and disability income
    • Whether or not dependents are still eligible for benefit coverage through the company, and who to contact
    • Whether or not there is a life insurance policy through the employer, who the beneficiary is, and how to file a claim.