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Funeral services are the most common practice of paying tribute and honor to a deceased loved one. While losing a cherished person maybe one of the hardest tragedies to endure, funeral services are an added stress to the already emotional situation. Please accept our deepest sympathy if there has been a recent and sudden loss. There are many factors to consider when arranging for funeral services. Each and every person or group planning certain funeral services will have a different vision of how the funeral services should be conducted based on personal preferences. Funeral services for one type of family with a particular religious background might differ from funeral services from another religious practice. But it is important and special to design the funeral services based on exactly the proper choices. Many other factors contribute to funeral services, including cultural, budget, time and location. We at Legacy Cremation Services would like to offer a quick check list to alleviate any over bearing pressure that planning funeral services could entail. It is important to take in all factors of you and your family’s personal life, religion and culture into consideration while planning funeral services. All elements will design the following for the funeral services: hosting an elaborate or a simple ceremony; hosting a public or private; will it be religious or secular; and where the funeral services should preside.


A few common (and understandable) concerns that accompany a recent death are: • What are my legal requirements? • Which funeral provider should be notified? • What type of estate decisions must be made? • Should I have my loved one cremated or buried? • Can I afford dignified funeral for my loved one? Legacy Cremation Services one of the nation’s largest providers of funeral services—which is why our dignified staff can and is more than willing to address any issues in regards to the funeral services. Legacy Cremation Services is open 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week. There is enough hardship at this moment in time, let us not add anymore caused by the funeral. Feel free to shop around or use this web site to gain further information for funeral and funeral services. We can offer step-by-step guidance for funeral services. Pre-planning funeral services is an option to consider while you are of sound mind and body. This prepares and details every aspect of the funeral services with a locked-in, pre-paid cost. It can eliminate any stress for family members who will survive your death. While the topic of funeral services is not always easy to come to terms with, the reality is that death is a part of life. Legacy Cremation Services is available to assist in any way possible with sympathetic funeral directors.


Listed are three types of standard funeral services and an in-depth explanation of each type: 1. Traditional funeral services usually include a formal viewing or visitation with a memorial service and final disposition to follow. Burial, entombment or cremation of the decedent will be planned. These types of funeral services are the most costly. The family will incur fees for the funeral services provider’s basic professional services; costs often include, but are not limited to, embalming and dressing of the decedent, rental of the funeral home for the visitation and memorial ceremony, as well as the hearse and limousine(s) rental for proper transportation of the decedent and immediate family. Additional fees for a casket, vault, cemetery plot or crypt along with other funeral merchandise must be considered for these types of funeral services. 2. An immediate burial funeral services is the direct disposition of the decedent at the cemetery. Neither a viewing nor memorial gathering at a funeral home or church will take place; therefore embalming is not a requirement. It is common to conduct a memorial service / gathering at the grave site prior to the burial for these types of funeral services. Having an immediate burial for your loved one rather than traditional funeral services provides a great savings for the family. Fees include the funeral services provider’s basic professional options, care of the decedent, purchase of a casket / burial container, vault, transportation, cemetery fees and other funeral merchandise costs. An additional fee will be incurred if a graveside service is planned. 3. The incineration of human remains after death occurs is the definition of cremation. This type of funeral service is the most cost effective. Embalming is not required. The decedent’s cremated remains are placed in an urn or other appropriate receptacle after the act of cremation is completed. A memorial gathering with or without the cremated remains present can be held at a church or funeral chapel. This allows family and friends to gather in honor of the decedent and lend support to each other. The cremated remains may be kept in the home, buried at a cemetery, placed in a crypt, niche, or scattered at sea / one’s favorite place.


Costs include basic professional services of funeral director and staff, alternative container or cremation casket fee, transportation fee from the place of demise to the crematory and the purchase of a memorial urn or other receptacle selected by the family. An additional fee will apply if the cremated remains are scattered at sea by a scattering service or placed at a cemetery inside of a plot, niche or scattering garden. Please contact a certified and caring staff member with questions. Funeral services are an expressive ceremony to honor the dearly departed. While the pain bears deep in your heart, the creative and customized funeral services are a moment to heal, to mourn and share ever-lasting memories. For further information, please contact our friendly staff and a representative will be in contact shortly. Legacy Cremation Services is dedicated to you in this time of loss. Thank you for reading about arranging funeral services.