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Cremation is a popular means of remain handling. The initial loss of a loved one can be hard to cope with. Besides learning to live with out this person, so many other factors come into play—including burial. Traditionally, most families and friends have buried the dearly departed, but more recently, cremation has become increasingly popular. Often, the idea of cremation might not settle right, but we will guide you through this step-by-step process. There is enough stress, let us explain what cremation is and why it might be a preferred choice. Our professional and compassionate staff is available any day 24-hours-a day to lend a helpful hand about cremation. Also, this site is linked to useful information about cremation for your gain of knowledge. The ultimate goal is to provide you with the best service and provide peace-of-mind in regards to your decision about cremation. We work closely with a large network of cremation providers to offer the highest quality of service at unsurpassed prices. Rest assured, the final choice of cremation does not take away from hosting a memorial chalked full of ever-lasting memories, the ability to have services in a religious tradition or take away your love and devotion. In fact, the decision of cremation opens a variety of tribute options.  After all, this is your reflection and celebration of life—hosting a sincere gathering with a cremation only opens the doors to so many different ways to customize a unique service.


For starters, a memorial with a viewing is still available after the decision of cremation is made. A casket can be rented and used in a funeral precession prior to cremation. Not only does this allow for the more traditional type of viewing, it also allows you to still participate in the cremation option. Other types of memorials that can occur are a viewing of the urn or an honorable service without a cremation urn. Nevertheless, a service with or without an urn can be held in any place, in doors or out. The possibilities are seemingly endless when it comes to cremation, because the remains are in your possession. Here is a list of some things to consider about cremation tributes: 1. A traditional religious ceremony including or excluding visitation with cremation to follow; 2. Memorial gatherings with or without the cremated remains present in a decorative urn at the place of ceremony; 3. Placement of cremated remains in a cemetery plot/mausoleum; 4. Scattering the remains in a place such as at sea/ on land or in a memorial garden; 5. Simply being able to keep your loved one’s remains in your residence. Cremation allows for an abundant ways to dispose of the remains that otherwise would not be available. Address any questions or concerns with us at anytime.


We are dedicated to listening and accommodating tailored options for you. Even with cremation, a permanent memorial can be established for generations to appreciate. This can be in the form of a planted tree, a cemetery marker or a decorative urn. Besides the many memorial options that come with the decision to cremate, the cost of cremation is far less than a traditional burial. Cremation is approximately ¼ the cost of a traditional American burial, which is why many families are opting for cremation options—regardless of ethnic background and religious preferences. Cremation is also an environmentally friendlier way to bury your loved one. With cremation, money is saved from costly caskets and plots—and is a more natural process. Because of this, over 700,000 cremations are preformed annually. Your decision of cremation will be solely based on your preferences, beliefs and the departed’s last wishes. The staff is diligently waiting to hear your ideas. Be certain that a funeral director will be able to provide information about laws and regulations about cremation for your state. Ensure family and friends agree on the choice of cremation because it is irreversible. Healing is most important after the shock of loss and the staff is ready to assist with cremation topics.


We here at Legacy Cremation Services strongly believe a gathering of the departed’s friends, family, co-workers and other ties with community members is the best way to soothe the initial pain of loss. The decision of cremation still allows for a traditional setting in a church or funeral home—or other facilities. The memorial can also be conducted outdoors, in a favorite park or garden. Regardless of the location of the tribute, cremation is an ever-increasingly popular and affordable option of burial. Cremation is environmentally safer and provides endless possibilities of saying goodbye. Please consider all your options before making a decision. The sympathetic staff understands this affective time. For more information, please complete the contact us form and a representative from our firm will be in contact shortly. Please advise if you would like brochures sent upon your request. If you are visiting this site due to a recent loss, please accept our deepest sympathy. Thank you for reading more about cremation.