Cremation Costs

Serving Families With Cremation Needs For Over Two Decades

If you are contacting us due to a recent loss, please accept our deepest sympathy. Understandably, it is a difficult transition and you should not have to endure exasperated costs to express your love for this special life lost. It is of great honor to design an ever-lasting tribute along with you at affordable cremation costs. Cremation costs are increasingly popular because of many factors, regardless of ethnic background and religions. Reasons vary, but cremation costs and services are environmentally friendly, to some more natural, open a variety of memorial options and have low cremation costs. We at Legacy Cremation Services are among the largest network of cremation providers, with affordable cremation costs – which is why we are able to provide the highest quality of service with the lowest cremation costs. Sadly, with the extreme grief that accompanies the loss of a love one, the burden of financial means to bury a loved one becomes a reality, including cremation costs. Feel free to utilize this site as a means of more information about cremation costs. Your well-being and happiness are among our top priorities. Providing affordable cremation costs is our specialty.


Let’s examine why cremation costs suite every budget. A traditional funeral now costs on average more than $10,000. Cremation costs are approximately ¼ of the fee for a standard burial, because of a number of reasons. With cremation costs, embalming and preparation of human remains is not required. A casket is optional, but does not have to be purchased; in fact, a rental casket can be used in a funeral ceremony prior to cremation and is factored into the cremation costs. This is another reason that keeps cremation cost down. Also, if the cremated remains are not going to be placed in a cemetery, then the cremation costs are even lower. Nevertheless, the tribute is far less in price than a standard funeral and can be conducted almost anywhere, indoors and out. Depending on where to host this honorable tribute will affect the cremation costs. The service can take place with or without the cremated remains and eliminates the cost of renting or purchasing a cremation casket, as well as the funeral home rental fee – if conducted in a different setting, such as a garden, residence or church. Cremation costs are lower, because the remains can be kept in a decorative urn either in the residence or a cemetery niche. Cremation costs can be budgeted even more if the remains are scattered back into the earth.


A direct cremation is the cheapest of cremation costs. This entails the incineration of human remains with any type of memorial, gathering or service. At Legacy Cremation Services, we strongly feel that a collective group memorial is the best way to ensure healing, but understand any personal preference to not proceed with a tribute service. After all, cremation costs are suited to your budget. Nevertheless, a traditional funeral can take place prior to cremation and will be adjusted in the cremation costs. While this allows for both types of processes to occur, it is still less expensive, simply due to the cremation costs. A common burial has extreme expenses, because of plot purchasing. Often, the idea of cremation may seem nontraditional. In fact, over 700,000 cremations are done annually with an expected 1,000,000 to take place. Again, preferences vary, but notably it is the cremation costs with its savings that have changed the minds about standard funeral processions. Without doubt, a cremation opens the doors for tributes and frees funeral attendees from the restraints of either a funeral home or church. Of course, these facilities are always available to you along with the cremation costs.


However, hosting a gathering at the dearly departed’s favorite park, garden or on a boat can not only honor their final wishes, but changes the mood and pace of the funeral. To lose a life is of an utmost pain. Saving money on cremation costs allows for a more extravagant memorial, personally customized by you and your loved one’s desires. After all, this is a time to reflect and celebrate a life and not go into debt. Legacy Cremation Servicess respectable professionalism keeps cremation costs to a minimum, which is our specialty. Organizing the final decision with the remains is a goal we can work together to keep cremation costs suited to you. Memorials can occur indoors or out, on land or at sea and can include a traditional funeral service prior to cremation. We at Legacy Cremation Services believe in healing, sharing and remembrance and not high prices. Our deepest thoughts are with you and your family during this loss. Legacy Cremation Services strives to nurture your loss and keep cremation costs low. Please feel free to contact our funeral directors for further information, or fill out our online form and a courteous staff members will be with you shortly. Thank you for reading about cremation costs.