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Serving Families With Cremation Needs For Over Two Decades

Helping Create a Meaningful Eulogy

Planning a meaningful, personal funeral is one of the most important tasks you will undertake. Think of the funeral as a gift to the person who is no longer with us. It is your chance to think about and express the value of the life that was lived. When personalized, the eulogy is perhaps the … Continued

Helping Your Family Personalize the Funeral

If you are planning a funeral, you may be feeling overwhelmed. Many decisions must be made in a timely fashion. Many people must be notified. Your natural and necessary feelings of grief make these tasks even more difficult. Focus on what is really important-what is essential-about the funeral you are planning. Make the funeral about … Continued

Helping Bereaved Siblings Heal

Next to the demise of a parent, the demise of a sibling can be the most traumatic event in a child's life. A sister or brother has passed away for whom the child shared a great bond. As those of us who have brothers and sisters know, sibling relationships are characterized by friendship, sometimes jealousy … Continued

Helping Grieving Children at School

A Student is Grieving   As a teacher or school counselor, you know how profoundly a student's home life affects their school life. The two are inextricably intertwined. When someone in the child's family passes away it affects every moment of every day for the child. The child cannot "put her grief aside" while he … Continued

Helping a Child Who is Dying

A child you care about is dying. You want to offer your love and care, but you are not sure how to. Whether you are a parent, friend or caregiver, this article will guide you in ways to share your care and concern with the child. When a Child is Dying   We all believe … Continued