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How to Write a Eulogy

A eulogy acknowledges a deceased loved one's life. Eulogies are read at funerals. The writing provides information about the decedent including personal quotes and stories, but most of all, it acknowledges the love that the reader had and will always have for that person. There are two common misconceptions about the purpose of a eulogy. … Continued

How to Write an Obituary

Writing an obituary can be very overwhelming for a family that is overcome with grief. It is not the most pleasant article to write, but if done correctly, it is a positive piece that creates a life celebration for your loved one. It also properly informs the community of his/her passing. Below are 10 easy … Continued

Answers to a Child’s Questions

When Someone We Love Dies Death is the name we give to a part of life that is hard to understand.  When we think about it though, we know that plants die in the Winter.  We know that animals die too.  After all, this is the way nature works.  But it is much harder to understand … Continued

What to do When Death Occurs

What to Expect from Legacy Cremation Services Our main goal is to provide quality service to our communities. We will provide superior service and assist you in making cremation arrangements that will meet all the needs of your family and friends. Legacy Cremation Services philosophy is that if any family is not satisfied with our … Continued